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Awarded 2023 Best Massage Therapy In Eagan!!

Massage Therapists

 Resinosa Massage is a unique oasis of calm in Eagan that focuses on offering a wide selection of therapeutic, relaxing treatments. Resinosa Massage was formed from the idea that corrective and calming treatments need to be performed in a nurturing, warm, and inviting space in order to truly be effective.


 Our approach combine medical expertise with an authentic spa-care experience to make the largest health benefit impact possible. We’re in the business of improving quality of life which means that our customer-service policy is really a friend and relationship building policy. We believe we offer the perfect marriage that appeals to both men and women seeking goal-oriented procedures while enjoying the powerful benefits of relaxation and stress reduction. Nurture your body and soothe your mind with any of our therapeutic treatments.

 Our therapists are highly trained with over 25 years of experience. Resinosa Massage specializes in Deep Tissue, Manual Therapy and Relaxation Massage. Not only do we give a great therapeutic massage, but we are also happy to talk to you about all of its physical and mental benefits.

 Resinosa Massage isn't the cheapest massage in town, but is one of the best! Once you receive a massage you will agree too!



Why Naturopathy

Why Massage Therapy?

It can help with

Relieves Stress

Massage can reduce your body's stress hormone by half, giving you less symptoms of anxiety.

Sleep Better

Many health problems are caused by lack of sleep, massage therapy helps people relax, relieves pain and can stimulate hormones that are conducive to sleep.

Relieves Headaches

Regular massage can help alleviate migraines and or tension type headaches.

Reduces Muscle Tension

A typical swedish massage can help reduce pain, but deep tissue, myofascial release, craniosacral therapy and or trigger points can address the root cause of the muscular problem and give you the best results.

Boost Your
Immune System

Getting a massage a week or bi-weekly strengthens your immune system

Lowers Blood Pressure

Massage can lower both systolic and diastolic blood pressure, according to the medical study in PMC.



Best massage I have ever had. Britt is professional, caring and is really an expert in her field. My husband found her first and I'm very glad he did. I highly recommend her!

— Kari


Resinosa Massage, Swedish Massage

Resinosa Massage


This is our signature massage and what most people calls it a “Swedish massage”. This will give your body relaxation and helps relieve muscle tension.

Hot Stone Massage

Great Lakes

Hot Stone

Warmed stones combined with our signature Resinosa Massage lets your body unwind and relax.

Reiki Treatment

Energy Therapy

Energy healers specialize in improving a person's energy. We positively influence the energy field, which changes the physical state of the client. 

Uff Da Deep Tissue, Deep Tissue, Theraputic Massge

Uff Da Deep Tissue Massage

A deep massage that places therapeutic pressure on the muscles and connective tissues of the body in order to relieve pain and muscle tension

pike Massage.png

Loon Cocoon

Coming Soon

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage hands on_edited.jpg

Nordic Hot
Salt Stone

Warmed Himalayan Salt Stones compined with our signature relaxation massage. 

Back Massage, Manual Therapy, Myofasical Release

Up North

Sports Massage

A deep massage combined with therapeutic stretches to help any athletes in need. Each session is customized to fit your needs and goals for each treatment. 

Osteopath at Work

Twin Cities 
Manual Therapy

Twin Cities Manual Therapy combination of Myofascial Release, Craniosacral Therapy, Positional Release and Trigger Point Therapy.

Young beautiful pregnant woman having massage in spa salon_edited_edited.jpg

Mama To Be

A wonderful massage treatment to help with all the aches and pain assoicated with your pregnancy.


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Sunday: 9:00 am - 2:30 pm

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3410 Federal Drive Suite 105 

Eagan, MN 55122

Located in Yankee Square Business Plaza

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